First Post – My Pet Rock Preview

Here we are!

I will begin this blog by presenting my music for a new Facebook game called My Pet Rock, developed by Pure Bang Games. My Pet Rock is a unique game in which you adopt rocks, customize their appearance, and use them to interact with other rocks (yours or your friends’.)

The game is still in Alpha, but Pure Bang is letting me show off the music, and for that I am very grateful. As I am still fairly new to the game industry, every bit of verifiable experience helps. As much music as I may be able to flaunt, developers like to see that a project will be finished and the music will fit the game like a glove. I think I’ve done just that with My Pet Rock.

The game called for a light-hearted soundtrack, promoting the game’s theme and main characters: rocks. To do this, I used xylophones, vibraphone, pizzicato cellos and violins, minimal warm synth, and rocks. The percussion used is made up of various rock-hitting-rock sounds, which was a lot of fun to put together. Overall, I am pleased with the sound and feel that it fits My Pet Rock‘s uniqueness.

Check the game out here: My Pet Rock

And check out the music preview here:


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